Choice Your Best Closet Ideas Inside Your Room

Confused store clothes, shoes, bags and goods in the house? This time we have a creative idea of cabinets and shelves to store your stuff. Wardrobe is an important component in the house that is the storage of clothes, shoes, or other things you. With the closet, your stuff will be stored neatly and regularly. In addition, cabinets can also serve as your room room decor. Currently the price of cabinets is getting expensive, even per square meter the price can
reach millions of rupiah. But you do not have to worry, you can also make your own cupboard at home. Even a tutorial for making cabinets can also be found on the internet. Creating your own Wardrobe can save you millions of expenses.

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Neat cabinets, of course, can make the owner of the room has its own satisfaction. The main benefit, of course, can make clothes remain always neat and easy to find without having to unpack the pile of clothes. Decide on the closet design you like, and make your cabinet and room as comfortable as possible. these are tips from us.

Create Your Own Hanger for Your Accessory
Putting Some Boxes In The Wardrobe, For Placing Shoes and Storage Places
Using Pegboards For Compilers of Accessories
Placing Clasped Clothes on a Shelf that Has Separator
Nails For Saving and Jewelry Displays
Drawing Color-Based Clothing
Installing the Shelf for Pants
Install Shoe Hangers behind the Door, to Make Shoes and Shawls
More Than One Place To Hang Clothes

here these inspiration for your room, enjoy it. 🙂

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  1. Hi very good article with a lot of things to reuse. I wanted to ask you if it was possible to use some of your photos for a french blog?

    • yes you can use it…but don’t forget to credit this website…thanks

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