Best Terrazo Wall Bathroom Ideas

Terrazo Wall Bathroom Ideas (5)

Terrazo Wall Bathroom Ideas (5)

The Terrazzo floor has existed in ancient Greece and Roman times and is already very popular and widely represented. Because these building materials often experience their prime, it is now fashion and very often in the form of tiles or terrazzo plates in many residential areas. What is considered “official material” decades ago is hailed as a new trend.

Terrazzo is widely used and enjoys increasing popularity. No less liked is the terrazzo display itself, which is widely used by young designers like Max Lamb in their creations. Traditionally, in the production of terrazzo tiles and slabs of pure mineral substances such as lime and cement are used. An effective mosaic view was then achieved by stone chips, which were replaced in the 80s with innovative designers by glass. Especially the artists have raised the terrazzo into an irrefutable trend again. Get your inspirations here, enjoy it 🙂

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