60 Wooden Flooring Bathroom Ideas and Makeover

Wooden Flooring Bathroom Ideas (2)

Wooden Flooring Bathroom Ideas (2)

We will not discuss the function of the bathroom first, but the way to decorate the bathroom using the wooden floor. Inserting wood elements in the bathroom, often looks like a risky gamble. But in fact, bathroom designs that stand out lately, have wood elements in the decoration.

The wood material itself must be solid. Some wood species such as cedar, algarobbo or lapacho, are often the ideal choice, given the origin of the tropics, which allows them to adapt to moisture – supported by natural oils that will last them long. But most importantly the use of wood in the bathroom is: they must be placed in the right position, so as not to be easily damaged, even broken. The wood should also have a pore and a bit hard, which makes them have a function as thermal insulation, which will make them able to withstand water, moisture and steam. And in terms of daily maintenance, all that has to be done is always dry the wet surface, and provide a good ventilation facility in the room where the wood is placed. The perfect wooden table, just need to be wiped with a damp cloth, using a neutral cleaning agent.

Wooden elements in the bathroom are also often combined with polished, brick, and contemporary micro-cement materials with neutral tones, and frosted glass.


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